Artist Statement

My work reflects my interest in responding empathetically to the human experience, to the seemingly mundane, to glimpses of life in the present moment. I want to capture these passing glimpses of reality that speak of the land, the people, and the space.
 The hand-pulled solar gravuere prints generated from original photographs bring awareness to the beauty of tranquil places, seeing beyond the beauty to the essence.

The western movies and television shows that I watched as a child provided me with a fictitious and captivating place.  I continue to be fascinated by the expanse, awe, and majesty of the western landscape.  Yet, what I see seems surreal and I seek to portray that illusory quality in my digital pigment prints. Each illusory vista is a quiet presence.

This contemplative and active space provides the opportunity to linger in the process of being: waiting for moments, creating moments, and developing awareness.