ARTE 590

ART ED 590  Current Trends and Issues in Art Education

Course Description:   This course is an examination of the contemporary developments, trends and issues in the field of art education as they relate to society, education and art to include:
1 – In-depth study of current research related to visual culture art education.
2 – In-depth study of current research related to diversity in art education.

Methods of Instruction:  Online class includes class discussions, writing exercises, individual research using Blackboard Learn at

1 – Abstracts of readings
2 – Student participation in online discussions – Questions and Responses
3 – Annotated Bibliography on Contemporary Issue in Art Education

Lampela, L. & Check, E. (Eds.). (2003). From Our Voices: Art Educators and Artists Speak Out About Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered Issues.
Rosenberg, M. & Thurber, F. (2007).  Gender Matters in Art Education.
Freedman, K. (2003). Teaching Visual Culture.