ARTE 572/472

ART ED 472/572   Art  Criticism and Aesthetics for Teachers

Course Description:   This course is an exploration of art criticism and aesthetics as part of a comprehensive art education curriculum with practical application in a K-12 setting.   The course will focus on learning to write critical reviews of visual art exhibitions, reading and summarizing art reviews in national art journals, and writing a learning plan addressing teaching art criticism and aesthetics to a K-12 population.

Methods of Instruction:  Class discussions, field visits to local art galleries and museums, in-class writing exercises.

Article abstracts
In-class Art Critical and Studio Inquiry Exercises
Lesson Plans
Journal of art reviews
Teaching art critical inquiry
Review of an art exhibition

Gallery Visits:
SCA Contemporary Art Gallery
516 Arts
Exhibit 208
Albuquerque Museum of  Art
Richard Levy Gallery
Matrix Fine Art
New Grounds Print Workshop
National Hispanic Cultural Center

Course Objectives:
1.    Become proficient at understanding the criteria and philosophical basis for theories of art.
2.    Understand and practice a variety of approaches to art critical inquiry.
3.    Become proficient at describing, analyzing and interpreting contemporary works of art.
4.    Work collaboratively with peers on issues related to the nature of art.
5.    Develop an awareness of writings by contemporary art critics.
6.    Develop and write a lesson plan that focuses on question art criticism and/or aesthetics.
7.    Become proficient at writing a critical review of a contemporary art exhibition.

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Stewart, M. (1997).  Thinking Through Aesthetics REQ

Barrett, T. (2008).  Why is that art? Aesthetics and Criticism of Contemporary Art  OPT
Barrett, T. (2002).  Interpreting Art: Reflecting, Wondering, and Responding OPT
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