ARTE 532/432

ARTE 532/432   Studio Art in the Schools: Digital Arts

Course Description:  
This course explores the use of technology to enhance teaching art for both the elementary and secondary levels.  Students will learn to use the computer as a creative tool through simple digital editing software programs including Photoshop Elements and iMovie specific to Apple computers.  Students will demonstrate competence with using both Photoshop to create a digital collage and using iMovie to create a full motion movie for use as supplemental instructional tools.

Methods of Instruction:  Projected tutorials, PowerPoint presentations, class discussions, studio work, and rubric assessment.

Course Objectives:
Students can expect to –
1.  Become proficient with using a digital still camera and a digital video camcorder.
2.  Become proficient with using selected tools in Photoshop Elements, a graphic editor.
3.  Explore the artistic potential of a digital collage that references identity, the landscape, and the southwest.
4.  Become proficient with creating, importing and editing video clips and sound to create a film using iMoive software.
5.  Explore the teaching potential of iMovie as a tool for instruction.
6.  Become proficient with creating a PowerPoint Presentation of a studio technique.
7.  Become proficient creating a website using Google Sites free program.


Digital collage – 1 for undergrads, 2 for grads
iMovie of poem
Google website
PowerPoint Presentation
In-class activities


Brundage, B. (2011)Photoshop Elements 9.0 for Mac. Sebastopol, CA: Pogue/O’Reilly
Pogue, D. (2011).  iMovie 11 & iDVD.  Sebastopol, CA:  O’Reilly Media